Management – DIVERSITY


Mehek Valecha

Founder and Director: Mehek Valecha comes across as a very enthusiastic, energetic, and
positive person.  She has done her masters in English from the Barkatullah University, Bhopal
(M.P.) and has an Executive MBA degree in business administration from IIMC (2007-08). She
has worked in the corporate world for eight years and has been actively involved in early
childhood care and education for the last eight years.

She has been serving as a Territory head of ECA (Early Childhood Association-India, www.eca- in Telangana for the last five years.

“Brain is the most intriguing organ in Homo sapiens, why can’t we give it more opportunities to
remain as intriguing as ever when it is in the making.”  She says excitedly.

She has recently authored a book titled, ‘We are born Lovers....How we can remain forever ?’ In
addition, she has to her credit a few articles published with Times of India and  Business World
on subjects surrounding education and child development.

She is a fitness freak, is an amateur tennis player and loves reading.

She has a great sense of humor.  She is confident, open-minded, and energetic.  She is a

Anil Valecha

Angel Investor and Cofounder: Anil’s quintessential strong finance management, strategy, and leadership skills give Diversity a solid foundation to diversify and expand its horizons of possibilities in learning spaces.

His pragmatic approach in professional development of the school is truly the need of the hour. Changing needs of a child’s concept and character development require continuous and rigorous revisions in strategies and cultural management of the school and he is handful of them.

His basic qualification in commerce and a management degree from IIM-B with 25+ years of experience of money and its world management and an incredible aptitude of organizational skills transform Mehek’s dreams into realities.

He spells out and summarizes very thoughtfully and carefully when Mehek describes, “So you want to have a place for children, made by children, led by children and celebrated by children“.

Currently, Anil is working as a CFO in a company called Antuit. Antuit is a niche global analytics solutions provider offering various industry specific solutions in the areas of retail, CPG, and manufacturing and other industries. Since 2013, Antuit has been on a mission to enable transformations with AI powered and IP based solutions.

Along, Anil takes care of the finances of Diversity to keep the other leaders free from worries and lets them concentrate on the playful learning journey of our future global citizens.

Mr. Sudhir Shetty

Sudhir Shetty is an astute professional holding a degree in management with 30 years of experience in varied industries like manufacturing, ITES, analytics. Coming from a humble background having a dream of doing something for the children, Sudhir is making a beginning with this baby step yet in a meaningful manner. Sudhir is a thought partner providing his valuable insights in the areas of strategy, finance, HR and administration at Diversity.

"Diversity, conceptualized, designed, executed and is run with the underlying intention and passion that the children coming to our playschool must have a cherishing childhood journey and discover and appreciate a DIVERSITY in them" he signs off.

Y. Pallavi

A creative thinker & a quick learner, easy to work with, confident with strong PR skills. She
is very enthusiastic of what she does and spreads positive energy wherever she belongs to.

She has graduated from the Osmania University in the field of commerce
Has 14 years of experience in operations, presales & postsales (educational products)
management skills. Has independetly managed a branch of her previous organizations.

She thinks, ‘education helps a human kind to sharpen his abilities and it touches all the
spheres of a life.’ She says, ‘education has an everlasting impact on our life as well as on our
surroundings. For a young child, education begins at home. At our Diversity, we simply
open diverse opportunities to him/her.

Ch. Sravanti

A dynamic go-getter and quick learner with an ability to work under pressure and meet
deadlines, excellent analytical and good communication skills. Possesses people and
problem-solving skills.

Graduated from Jawaharlal Technological University in the field of Biotechnology.

After her graduation, she worked with various research-oriented biotech firms. In the
process, she handled multiple teams and was involved in the extensive research on
bacterial species contained in water. Also, while working at ICRISAT, Hyderabad, she was
part of the team that successfully identified the chickpea to grow in fallow lands of rice
fields with environment friendly bacterial strains instead of synthetic fertilizers. In this
process, she coordinated with various teams to ensure the research was done with
minimal disruptions and achieved a high-yield growth.
In this process, she has shown her ability in coordinating with various people and
achieving the result as required.

@Diversity, she is passionate to work with young children and help them learn
effortlessly. Her mission is to see the Vividers independent, make them lifelong
explorers, help them build strong personalities. She relentlessly guides her team on
planning their respective curriculum and always embraces change along with her team.