Beautiful takeaways to home

Diversity’s biggest mission has always been to empower the teachers with scientific and technical skills of facilitating our Vividers’ learning along with having a great bond but these beautiful takeaways come their way and it sets me thinking I have decided to give it a serious thought if Diversity should also do it and if […]

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In December 2015, shortly after the birth of his first child, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg posted for all the world to see a touching letter he had written to his newborn daughter. It began, Dear Max, Your mother and I do not yet have the words to describe the hope you give us for the […]

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LOL– Developing Humor in Children

It’s never too early to start developing a child’s sense of humor. Babies’ smiles and laughs are so delightful that we often do this intuitively — smiling at them or tickling them many times a day just to hear a chuckle. Babies don’t really understand humor but they do know when you’re smiling and happy. […]

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Miracles happen

As a person, since my childhood, I love miracles. Since I am a playschool facilitator, I see miracles happening around me. Those miracles are our children and I can’t stop adoring them and feeling ecstatic. Great adaptability: Yes, we guide them and consult them time and again. From gradually changing to a new biological clock […]

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Children and Play: Role of Play in Early Childhood

No, it isn’t a Child’s Play! “Our children from their earliest years must take part in all the more lawful forms of play, for if they are not surrounded with such an atmosphere they can never grow up to be well conducted and virtuous citizens.”- Plato These are the words of one of the greatest […]

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School ready or Life ready

All these years, I have heard at least 1200 parents during the admission counselling, hardly ever, any of them has asked me if a playschool could help children get life ready. I feel pretty uncomfortable when parents ask me if I have a Montessori setup or I follow CBSE curriculum or some international curriculum. No […]

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