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What is a curriculum (How we do it..)

“Necessity is the mother of invention”, this stands true in the education industry as well. The surge of playschools and preschools was the result of smaller family size, working mothers, ongoing scientific research in the field, technology outburst, globalization, and continuous work and research done by the early childhood experts.

There are numerous popular pedagogies and philosophies conceptualized, tested and run successfully across the globe and the underlying rationale that has made them possible is the “NEED OF THE HOUR.”

Let’s go back to the kindergarten education when children are told “A is for Apple” instead children should be asked “What starts with A?” Our education system is giving answers, whereas it should ask questions that would trigger different answers. Answers make you think the same, questions help you think different. It’s time to make a change.

And this very Information Age has given a rise to rather more multifaceted requirements and expectations than ever before.

Another big consideration we should bear in mind is that every child is so unique and different so is his/her learning style.

Yet another brilliant question is these magical foundation early years of life more or less get reflected by the subconscious level of our learning, how could it be made so rock solid that the child can discover himself/herself and finds a life worthwhile and happy.

A lot of research has been done and is being done to try to find as to how a child learns, surprisingly, neuroscientists have not really reached to a conclusion, rather have found many permutations and combinations that could lead to a type of learning or create a muscle memory or it just requires a child to have some sort of metacognition.

In the quest of finding a right method in such a diverse, dynamic, ever changing and emerging environment, our strong belief is that it will be an injustice to impose a pedagogy or two for the learning of our future global citizens or for that matter on conscious and well-informed parents.

Therefore, we at Diversity, have bountifully used appropriate and relevant pedagogies & philosophies that you would find fit for your child. We have adopted an eclectic style that meets the needs of the child, remains progressive and scientific in its approach.(for more, please visit the school)

We make sure that it’s not only the facilitator whom you can reach to understand the learning inputs and outcomes of the approach or method but also celebrate your child’s learning journey along the way.

Why we do

At Diversity, we ought to pay attention to the following as our 21st century children:

  1. Need to know ‘how and why’ (CriticalThinkers) much before attempting “what”
  2. Must be able to Communicate and Collaborate
  3. Should have fire of Creativity in their belly
  4. Must be Confident to look into the eyes of failures
  5. Must be independent and should be able take Care of themselves
  6. Should learn to be genuinely Compassionate

Because one estimate is that 65% of today’s toddlers will one day have jobs that don’t yet exist (Toddlers Brain-Dr. Laura Jana).