Management – DIVERSITY


Mr. Sudhir Shetty

Sudhir Shetty is an astute professional holding a degree in management with 30 years of experience in varied industries like manufacturing, ITES, analytics. Coming from a humble background having a dream of doing something for the children, Sudhir is making a beginning with this baby step yet in a meaningful manner. Sudhir is a thought partner providing his valuable insights in the areas of strategy, finance, HR and administration at Diversity.

'Brain is the most intrigue organ in homo sapiens' as he rightly says 'why cannot we give it more opportunities to remain as intrigued as ever when it is in the making.'

"Diversity, conceptualized, designed, executed and is run with the underlying intention and passion that the children coming to our playschool must have a cherishing childhood journey and discover and appreciate a DIVERSITY in them" he signs off.