Our Motto

Words, so perfectly quoted, “It takes a village to raise a child” and “a child has a hundred languages” define ‘Diversity The Playschool, just aptly.

In India, particularly in metropolitan cities, playschools have flourished quickly because the working mothers want to have a safe place for their children where their children’s basic needs are being taken care of.

On the contrary, at Diversity, we feel these miniature lives do not require our babysitting rather they need people with souls and a lively place where they can play, giggle, touch, feel, hear, see, observe, explore, discuss, inquire, ask silly questions, absorb, keep quiet, scream in happiness, laugh out loud, cry, sulk, feel sad, create, fall down, stand tall, smell, taste, fail, fight, argue, refuse to perform, perform, reflect, talk, share, sing, dance, act, freeze, smile, like, dislike, love, hate, agree, disagree, understand, miss, cooperate, whine, say NO, affirm a YES, make friends, be self sufficient, get confused, care, collaborate, communicate, think logical, imagine, read, write, learn, unlearn, experiment, discover, manage, make stories, tell stories, wiggle, wobble, hop, jump, slide, run, skip and some days, just do nothing but have fun only, and ONE DAY have a EUREKA moment and  have a SELF DISCOVERY.