Pre-Meeting Info – DIVERSITY

Pre-Meeting Info

Admission key info: We enthusiastically welcome our parents to visit Diversity with a prior appointment. In the very first meeting, discussing more about your little one's childhood days and ideas are always more critical than just gathering the basic know how of DIVERSITY by you. We have articulated ourselves to answers all the basic questions in this section. We appreciate parents going through this page and coming well informed to meet the team along with the child.


Question generally asked: What is the curriculum that you follow?

Question should be asked: Will you able to reach my child and make him/her a happy and curious learner? Or what are the pedagogies that suit today’s generation learning needs?

Question generally asked: Do you have live CCTV access in your playschool?

Question should be asked: Can I trust you and your staff for my child’s safety. What measures do you have to ensure that?

Question generally asked: Will my child be able to clear the test for grade-one admission in a big school?

Question should be asked: Will my child be confident in basic concepts of different subjects to apply effortlessly anytime?

Question generally asked: Will my child be able to write?

Question should be asked: Will you be able to create interest for writing in my child? And how?

Question generally asked: Will my child be able to speak in English?

Question should be asked: Will my child love learning new languages?

Question: What is your teacher’s profile?

Question should be asked: Are your teachers and other people around my child passionate about their jobs and playful?

Question: What is the adult: child ratio?

Question should be asked: Will your teacher be able connect with my child individually and soulfully?

Question: Why cannot my child write number names?

Question should be asked: When will you help children learn spelling rules?

Question: Why do not you arrange a painting competition?

Question should be asked: What are those activities in which children collaborate?


What are the age criteria for admission at Diversity

Toddlers-18 months-2 yrs,Playgroup-2-3 yrs,Nursery-3-4 yrs,PP1-4-5 yrs,PP2-5-6 yrs,First Grader- 6-7 yrs, Second Grader 7 -8 yrs

What is the right age for sending my child to a preschool?

12 months onwards.

When does the session start at Diversity?

June 10 onwards

What are the school timings?

Toddlers and Playgroup: 9 am to 12 pm Nursery: 9 am to 1 pm PP1 and PP2, Grade 1 and 2: 9 am to 3:30 pm

What is the admission process at Diversity?

To make our admission process simple, effective and smooth, we have adopted the below approach::

step 1. Please go through the website, most of your questions are answered on relevant pages on the website.

step 2- Fix up a prior appointment for a personal visit. We strongly urge every parent to visit us with an appointment only as it helps save time and organize a better parent experience. Due to the practice of an appointment system, we may not be able to effectively engage with parents who walk in without an intimation on a particular day.

step 3- Meet with our counselor, faculty, principal as the case may be

step 4- If a decision is made to enrol the child with Diversity, buy the application form, pay the fees and complete the admission paperwork & formalities

step 5- Collect the student kit

Note- We accept admissions on a first come first served basis.

Why do we emphasize on prior appointments ?

We strongly urge every parent to visit us with an appointment only as it helps save time, organize us better and provide a better parent experience during the visit as against unplanned one. Due to the practice of an appointment system, we may not be able to effectively engage with walk-ins on a particular day. You are welcome to book your time slot through our website or by calling us at + 91 9686899600.

What do we want to achieve through a parent meeting with Diversity team ?

Every child and his/her parents are unique and important to us. During the visit to Diversity, our team would love to invest time in engaging with parents and the child BEYOND BASIC QUESTIONS related to the admission process so as to give you a happy experience. To achieve this, we have attempted to cover most of the basic questions as part of our premeeting info page. We encourage the parents to go through our website and premeeting info page before the visit. The face-to-face meeting is to know more about you and your child. Information about Diversity and admisssion is provided on our website.

How long is our waiting list ?

Depends on the availability of the seats. For more info, please connect with the admission counselor

What is the adult-child ratio?


My child has difficulty separating from me. What is the induction program at Diversity?

Parents are allowed inside the premises for the first FIVE days to help settle, mitigate anxiety factor in the mind of child and parent. We manage gradual withdrawal of the parent depending upon observations by the teacher on each day.

What documents are required for the enrolment of my child?

Soft copies only (Birth certificate, latest vaccination records, blood group, health certificate, photos of the parents and the child, medical history or allergy certificate, if any.

Do you offer a family or a sibling discount?

Yes, 5%

Do we have any K-12 school tieups?

Coming soon!

What is fee payment schedule at Diversity ?

Full year fees shall be paid at the time of admission

What is the school’s withdrawal policy?

Please discuss this with the management of the school.


What curriculum is followed at Diversity?

VIVID (designed for holistic development of the children). The syllabus is shared after the enrolment is done. Also please see the syllabi pages on our website .We follow Cambridge curriculum for Grade 1 and 2

Do the teachers communicate in English at Diversity?

Yes, English is used as the primary language for all communications. We also respect and encourage Diversity of languages including the mother tongue of every child.

How is the child readied for the k-12 school?

See the syllabi pages on our website

How does Diversity report a day activity to the parents ?

The App updates you about it on a daily basis including day routine, food, care etc. as well

What is the syllabus that is covered at Diversity?

See the syllabi pages on our website

Does Diversity have any school uniform?

Yes, it brings uniformity

How do we cater to the Individualized Learning?

The program and classes are designed to cater to this very need of the children that is what Diversity is known for more to discuss during the enrollment.

What makes up a typical day for children at Diversity?

Our counselor will be happy to share the details around it.

How are the celebrations and field trips and the parent orientation programs at Diversity?

We follow an annual calendar that is shared with the parents in the beginning of the academic year or at the time of admission as the case may be.

How do we group the children?

Age and stages of learning

What all languages are covered in the syllabus?

English, Hindi and Telugu

What are the assessment tools for the developmental milestones?

Meet the counselor and find out about it in detail. We do not assess children, we assess milestones and stages of learning. It is interesting to discuss during your visit to Diversity, please do not forget to ask during your visit.


Do we have a daycare

No. We have a self-players club until 6:30 pm

Do we have transport facility?

Yes, please meet the counselor for the details about the route

Do we run any vacation camps at Diversity?

Yes, we do, please visit our website for more details and latest updates.


Does my child have to be potty and toilet trained?

Not necessarily, our care takers provide assistance and transition support for such children

How many days a week we work at Diversity?

Five days a week

What is the qualification and certifications that the facilitators carry?

Any degree or diploma in early childhood education and a prior experience of minimum 2 years

What kind of teachers training is provided in Diversity?

We conduct in house trainings (e.g. ECCE) by professionals at regular intervals. In addition, the staff is also provided with opportunities to participate in various workshops, seminars, conferences to stay updated and enhance their skills.

How are the medical emergencies handled at Diversity?

The facilitators are trained in the first aid. In case of an emergency, the parents are informed immediately to come to the school and the child is taken care of in the meantime by the senior people at the school. If the child needs immediate specialist's care or hospitalization, we quickly take the child to the nearest hospital that Diversity has a tieup with.

How do we ensure the quality of our deliverables?

We employ various methods e.g. 1) Training and grooming sessions for the facilitators and the substaff. 2) Parent-Teacher Dialogue. 3) Update our knowledge and resources. 4) Vigilance to the regular wear and tear of the facility. 5) Closed group meetings with parents.

How do we ensure the safety and security of the children?

Child safety is one of our prime responsibilities. Our facility and Infra are equipped with high level of safe and secure environment within. Aside, we leverage technology (Live CCTV surveillance closely and centrally monitored by the management), our support and teaching staff is provided with sufficient training and refreshers to give utmost importance to the child safety.

How does the school handle discipline?

Discipline is a process of learning self-control, respect for others, and responsibility. Positive methods of discipline is practiced at all times so children are aware of an acceptable code of conduct at school. Efforts to help students understand behaviors that are allowed, accepted, and encouraged (including individual charts, plans, and contracts) are used. Other stop-and-think strategies that lead to positive results through positive reinforcement, good role modeling and redirection will also be used. For any on-going issues, teachers will communicate with parents so that school and home environment are working together with a child’s best interests in mind.

How frequently are toys and classrooms sanitized?

Every Saturday and whenever they are soiled and need any immediate sanitization

How often is the facility cleaned at Diversity?

Twice a day at the minimum

What is the birthday policy?

The parents can send books only for his/her classmates, no other gifts are accepted. Diversity celebrates Vividers’ birthday with other kids, teachers & sub staff who have birthdays in the same month on the 30th of every month.

What if the child is being picked up by an unknown person??

No, we do not hand over the child to any unknown person. The safety is of utmost priority. Unless we have been notified by the parents for any such deviation, the child is not permitted to step out of the premises in any circumstances.

What is your policy on sick children?

To reduce the risk of infection to other children, please do not send your child to the school if they have been sick or had diarrhea or other such medical conditions in the previous 48 hours.


Why to enrol the child so early, let him enjoy his childhood at home? I will send my child to a formal K-12 school directly?

Learning a journey and the child is ready to go for this journey as young as possible. It is the parents' choice and philosophy as to when they want to enrol. However, these 2000 days of the early years are the most critical and are miraculous. The children embarking their learning journey at this early age show a noticeable and commendable growth in IQ, EQ, and PQ

Does our program have any religious component ?

No, the essence of our name itself stems from the fact that we celebrate Diversity in all possible ways e.g. Diversity in learning, Diversity in cultures, religions, ethnicity and many more…


Can my child bring toys in the class?

Diversity is full of resources. We do not encourage the child to bring his/her toys. However, it is his/her belongings and belongings are shared with the friends and peers, we do have days when the children can bring in their toys and have a joy of sharing.

How can I be involved in the class ?

Please read the PIS (Parents involvement sessions) policy after you enrol your child with us. We encourage you to have a discussion about it with our counselor during the admission process.

How do we involve the family and the parents at Diversity?

During the celebration of learning journey of our children

How often do we conduct the Parent-Teacher Dialogue?

Every alternative month

May I visit my child during the day?

Yes, you can with a prior notification

What should my preschooler bring?

A bag, a water bottle, and his/her food box, a pair of change, diapers (if applicable), and a baby towel